Monday, September 15, 2008

Upon Birth You Acquired Certain Land Rights - Do You Know Them ?

Where Is The Law ? How Do You Use This Knowledge When You Discover It ? And, How Dangerous Is This Knowledge ? But ! More than all of the above is the QUESTION of your inalienable rights. How do they come about ? What Are These so-called rights ? And, how fragile are they ?
This site is about being indigenous - about discovering what creation has gifted to you - and, how to protect your rights in this world of vigorous Trade & Commerce - where warfare is the common denominator ... And, you are considered to be an insignificant microcosm - until, YOU stand and claim your Rights ! When you are born, there are a number of presumed and entrenched rights that are inalienable - there for the asking.
It is not the past practise of our organized governing bodies to educate us about the land and resources entitlements. Nor, does government consider itself duty bound to promote those natural justice provisions that we name human rights.
Therefore, it is your own duty to discover these elements of individual and social values; and, to establish your "turf" : to claim a piece of the rock - from which to harvest provisions for you and your family.
These tasks are daunting - sometimes, overwhelming and many times dangerous to claim ! But, if your should wish to follow the course of the Long Tears Council, you will gradually find recourse to this burden of hidden knowledge.